The deformation of sweater how to do?

The sweater to wear for a long time will be kuanshu hypertrophy, especially improper cleaning will greatly shorten its service life. In order to restore the original shape, you can use hot water to burn it. The water temperature is best between 70-80 degrees. When the water overheat, it will shrink too small. If the cuff or hem of a sweater loses its flexibility, it can be soaked in 40-50 degrees of hot water for 1-2 hours to dry, and its scalability will be restored. In addition, when washing the last water by washing the sweater, a little vinegar can be added to neutralize the residue of the soapin and the elasticity and luster of the sweater. Do not wash after hanging, twisting or exposure, should squeeze out the water, shake a bag, hanging in the ventilation dry. For ordinary sweater.

How to wash sweaters?

1. knitting clothes before washing, dusting off and placed in cold water soak 10 ~ 20 minutes, squeeze the water out, add detergent solution or soap tablets solution gently scrub, then rinse. In order to ensure the color of the wool, you can drop 2% of the acetic acid in the water (edible vinegar) to neutralize the remaining soap.

2. use the tea washing sweaters (white clothes is best not to use this method), not only the dust can be washed, can make it do not fade, prolong the service life. The way of washing is to use 1 basins of boiled water and put the right amount of tea. After the tea is soaked and cooled, the tea is filtered out, and the sweater (line) is soaked for 15 minutes in the tea, then gently rubbed for several times, then rinsed clean with clean water.

3. white sweater will gradually wear long black. If the sweater after washing into the refrigerator freezer for 1 hours, then dry out, you can clean as new. If the dark sweater with a sponge dipped in water after the dust, can be squeezed dry, gently wipe.

The deformation of sweater how to do?

1, use hot water to scald it, such as sweater cuffs or hem. It has lost its scalability. It can be soaked in 40-50 degree hot water, and it can be recovered in 1-2 hours. (this is for the details.)

2, the use of cooking method, this method is suitable for the overall reduction of clothing, put the clothes in the steamer (within 2 minutes after the gas cooker, pressure cooker for half a minute, without valve). Pay attention to the time!

3, by cutting and changing clothes, this method can be used in all of the above methods, but it can't be done. This method should be operated by itself and can enjoy the pleasure of it.


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