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How do the belt puncher use? Expert hands teach you to punch a belt

In the daily life, many people's belt belt holes are not suitable, and they need to punch themselves. This is the use of a belt puncher. So, how do the belt puncher use it? A friend who often uses a belt is no stranger to a belt puncher. It is a professional tool for adjusting the size of the belt. So how do you use a puncher to make holes that are too long for your own belt? The little knitting hand teaches you to punch the belt.

Belt piercing pliers: second belt punches, which are introduced to you, are a hole punching tongs. This tool is the most common style, with various sizes of perforation specifications, and the design of the perforator is also very beautiful, and the use is more convenient. According to the size of the small holes that have already existed on the belt, the punching needle of the corresponding size is found from the puncher. After putting the belt in the punching forceps and adjusting the position, hold the handle forcefully and clip it down. A small hole will be played out. It is difficult to see from the appearance that there is any difference from the other round holes.


Belt punch needle: a belt is simple to punch needle, belt punch punch. This type of puncher is simple in shape, cheap in price, and is very simple to use. When using the belt in a piece of wood, a head punch needle fine alignment, need to punch position, using hammer strike force tool, from a thick hard knock down, can make a hole with a hollow effect.

Needle punching method: if the buckle belt buckle belt, to use the screwdriver needle buckle buckle on the back of the screw.

Take your waistline and take the extra part with the scissors to the head.

The belt cutting and belt to overlap, and then use a punch to make a print, and then cut out the parts in the belt head below the pad and the hole to lay a good punch alignment mark. The best discount and the belt is connected with the screw.


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